Cure4Aasim: Help Save a Life

Co-host Omar A. Ansari's brother-in-law, Aasim Syed, was just diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), which impacts the bone marrow. He has already received an initial round of intense chemotherapy and the doctors have now said a blood (stem cell) transplant is required ASAP. We also learned that there is NOT A SINGLE MATCH in the entire registry for him right now. Unfortunately South Asians (which have the highest chance of matching with him) are overwhelmingly underrepresented in the registry. If you can register to see if you're a match, you could save a life. Register at:

USA:, OR at INDIA: OUTSIDE of THE USA please go to If you’re above 44, register here: This also works for India, Germany Poland, Chile and the UK.

Registration takes

2356 232

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