#146 Barbara Tversky: Action Shapes Thought

Acclaimed psychologist and longtime Stanford University professor Barbara Tversky calls on her nearly 50 years in the field of cognitive psychology for an in-depth discussion about how your brain works, and offers practical approaches to get it working even better.

Tversky examines the Nine Laws of Cognition, why action shapes thought, how the language use changes what we think, tactics to communicate better on Zoom, why she dove into the work of Leonardo da Vinci, the importance of perspective taking, learned knowledge vs. earned knowledge, and so much more.

Tversky joined the faculty at Stanford University in 1978, and she is currently an active Emerita Professor of Psychology. She is also a Professor of Psychology at Columbia Teachers College and the author of the 2019 book Mind in Motion: How Action Shapes Thought.

Her work focuses on the relationship between the spaces we inhabit and the actions we perform and how we think, create, and communicate. It’s time to Listen and Learn!


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