This Week In Doom Ep. 9 - What’s Next For Europe? (Panel) (FULL EPISODE)

In this special edition of This Week In Doom, Grant and The Green Chicken are joined by Luke Gromen of Forest For The Trees LLC, Marko Papic of Clocktower Group and special guest Sir Steven Wilkinson, author of The Pitchfork Papers, for a discussion on the EU's creaking energy policy, the effects of sanctions against Russia in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine and what it all means for the future of Europe.

In a two-hour debate filled with insightful analysis, respectful disagreement and thoughtful perspective, we explored multiple facets of the current situation, picked apart the potential outcomes and tried to handicap the likely paths that may be taken from here.

Finally, as the discussion turned to Germany's role in how this all plays out, we welcomed Sir Steven who gave us the benefit of his near-30 years experience building and operating businesses in Germany.

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