A Brief Look Into A Land Investor's True Success Story

Jill DeWit is a business owner, real estate investor, CEO, mom, and writer. She was exposed to the real estate industry at a young age by her father who was also a real estate investor. Jill always knew she wanted to enter the real estate industry because it was a lucrative opportunity.

Since 1999, Jill and her team have been building a real estate company, now known as the BuWit Family of Companies. In the last 6 years, she and her partner, Steven Butala have completed thousands of land deals and transactions. Today, she continues to inspire professionals to make changes to their lives by taking chances and pushing themselves and their business to new heights. 

Listen in as they discuss:

  • Jill’s land investing journey.
  • Understanding the land investing business.
  • Selling houses versus selling lands.
  • Buying, marketing, and flipping land deals.
  • The process to do due diligence for houses.
  • The approach to managing a big team.

And, more!


Mark: My tip of the week is, every pinpoint in the land investing business, I think can be solved at landacademy.com. If you go to their site and check out their tools, you got countywise.com, Deal Funding, deedperfect.com, House Academy, neighborscoop.com offers2owners.com, parcelfact.com they got consulting. So every pinpoint can be solved, go to landacademy.com.

Scott: Check out swipepages.com, it's a pretty cool alternative to LeadPages and when you build a landing page quickly just further proof, you don't need a website for your land business. You can just use a landing page like this. It's super simple.

Jill: Check out neighborscoop.com. You just put the state, county; it's a one-stop way to do the origins when looking at the property. It's a tool that we actually created.

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