M1X a M2 Macs — WTF Leak Bombs?!

Get $25 off your cell phone bill at http://rene.ting.com​ ! We’re only at the very early stages for the Mac. We’re at the ultra-low power tip of the proverbial silicon iceberg. The M1 is the first in a series that’ll include more massively multicore versions of the current 11th generation architecture and even more impressive versions with next-generation, 12th generation and beyond architecture. Chips like M1X and M2, or whatever Apple ends up calling them. And unlike Intel, Apple doesn’t provide roadmaps well in advance. They don’t provide them at all. Not beyond extrapolating the power draw on what’s effectively a Bezos graph. And that leads to a ton of thirst… and a ton of thirst traps. To… trap it. To take advantage of it. To pull those views, subs, and follows. That includes anonymous Twitter accounts that never provide any accurate, original reporting. Like at all. And the various blogs and videos that repeat their fanfic because it not only gives them an excuse to thirst-jack the trap in the first place but to post a follow-up correcting it whenever anyone with an ounce of sense or integrity points out just how wrong it is and how wrong it was from the start. AKA, the double thirst trap take back combo attack.

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