M1 MacBook Pro — Buy Now or Wait for M1X?

The 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro is currently the most powerful portable Apple Silicon, with not only performance but battery life that just clowns the same, low-power Intel version from the same year. But, also… stuck with the exact same design.  It’s really more of a MacBook Air Pro, and I’ve been reviewing it since it first came out, so I’m here to tell you whether you should get it now, or wait for the MacBook Pro Pro versions that are coming up next. The possible 14-inch MacBook Pro with a new design, a more powerful M1X or M2 processor, and possibly a Mini LED display, MagSafe power adapter, and SD Card slot. And I’ll be doing this for every Apple product coming this year, so hit that subscribe button and bell, so you’ll know how to best save… and spend your hard-earned cash in 2021.

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