M1 Macs Just Made Apple HOW MUCH Money?! ($AAPL Q1 2021)

Get $25 off your cell phone bill at http://rene.ting.com​ ! $111.4 billion. Yeah. Apple, the company that every market manipulator and pocketed click baiter loves to cast as doomed, so very legion of doomed, perpetually, flailing, failing, and sure to go under… just any product now… regardless of how those products are actually performing — just posted their Holiday quarter results and even now — in the midst of peak 2020-21, the Cyberpunk on last-gen consoles of years, they crushed… And you won’t believe how hard. From iPhone 12 to iPad Air to M1 MacBook Air, M1 Mac mini, and M1 MacBook Pro, even Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePods, and increasingly, services, $AAPL was up, up, up double-digits and billions upon billions of dollars in Q1 2021. Here's the breakdown!

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