iPhone 12 mini — Should you Pre-Order?!

Don't get it wrong! For Discord, early access, and more, join my Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/reneritchie  For half a decade now the iPhones have been big and bigger. This year, bigger and bigger-er than ever. But also this year, Apple is finally giving us something small again. Not an SE, or special edition, but a full-on iPhone 12 mini! Some people will want the iPhone 12 mini because it costs less, but others will want it because it is less. Easier to hold in the hand and type with on the go, easier to fit in the pocket or bag. But… with a smaller phone comes a smaller display and, most importantly for some, a smaller battery. So, if you’re having trouble deciding. If you’re still trying to figure out if the iPhone 12 mini is worth the trade-offs, if finally having a small phone again is worth that smaller display and battery capacity if you’re hoping the mini is just an even bigger flex than the Max, but worried it might not work for you IRL. Then this is the video for you.

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