Apple Watch Series 6 — Incoming?!

Apple Watch 6 Incoming! Get CuriosityStream AND Nebula for less than $15/y (26% off!)  Any other year — Any. Other. Year. And we’d only be a couple weeks away from Tim Cook taking the stage in Cupertino, California and good morning-us-all into the Apple Watch Series 6 announcement.  This year, though, this… Buffy Wish Fringe Mirrorverse of darkest timelines year, Apple’s next-generation wearable could come… any time.  And that’s just all the more reason to just break it all down for you — design, features, functions, and drop-times — and to do it right now. From round designs to micro LED displays to blood oxygen sensors to bigger batteries to new health features, to the possible release date, here’s what I think is happening and what’s decidedly not!

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