Epic's UNREAL New Fortnite Battle With Apple

Microsoft Joins Epic Battle! https://www.brilliant.org/reneritchie and sign up for FREE. First 200 also get 20% the annual Brilliant subscription! Epic Games mega-snuck the biggest of all shadow bombs onto the App Store and Play Store — a way around giving Apple and Google a 30% cut of all the Vbucks. As a result, Fortnite, their uber-popular Battle Royaler, got shadow banned. Still on phones and download histories, but kicked out of the stores. Epic sued, saying no company — sorry, no *phone* company — had a right to 30% of their tasty, tasty emote and skin sale billions.  Epic called Apple a controlling, conniving, anti-competitive monopolist, and Google, open-in-name only, while fear-mongering and outright bullying to stay effectively every bit as closed. Apple and Google retorted that Epic was a grown apps adult, had agreed to the deal, made billions as a result, and was now throwing a temper tantrum to try and claw back just a few billion more. And, now, impossible as it may seem, things just got weirder.  Apple threatened Epic’s Unreal Engine. Epic filed for a temporary restraining order. Microsoft filed in support of the order. Here’s the latest update!

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