Wrong About iPhone 12 Delays?

iPhone 12 delayed! Right after Apple’s CFO, Luca Maestri, said new iPhones would come a few weeks later than usual this year, the socials, the comments, the commentarians, they all just… exploded. Scorching, incandescent hottest of hot takes… everywhere. And this time market movers didn’t even get to plant their usual rumors with their usual big media enablers to cover their positions. It came straight from Apple. Imagine the chagrin. Short. No. Stop. Cover. Cover. Cover. Ridiculous. Even though, the instant Apple went into lockdown earlier in the spring and has since been on work-from-home, everyone and their astromech knew, just knew it would cause all shades of product delays, we just had to treat this as shocking news… and I-told-you-sos… contortionisticaly at the same time. So what does it all really mean? For the iPhone 12, iOS 14, and Apple Watch Series 6?

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