The TRUTH About Switching from Android to iPhone in 2020

The era of switching from Android to iPhone is over… But is it though? Apple recently released a new iPhone SE that has all the power of an iPhone 11, a camera that can beat out the iPhone XR, Touch ID, and, yeah, a forehead and chin straight out of 2017, but at a price tag of just $399 in the U.S. And it prompted a lot of reaction. Even my pal, Jerry Hildenbrand of Android Central, in an article still making the industry rounds, wrote that the cheapest iPhone has a more powerful processor than the most expensive Android phone So, are people really happy with their choices and their ecosystems? Are they set in their ways and their current phones? Have they decided the grass never really gets any more green? Or, are there frustrations that come up, new features that get added, security scandals that blow up, and new phones at new, lower, price points that… change everything again? This… is switching from Android to iPhone in 2020. SPONSOR: Displate - metal posters | Make Your Home Awesome Go to to save 30% on a radical new Displate metal poster of your own! SUBSCRIBE: YouTube SPECIAL THANKS: Patreon Patreon supporters help make these videos possible. Get access to exclusive Discord, previews, and the opportunity to see your name in the credits! REFERENCES: Android Central - News, Reviews, Deals a Help on all Android devices MORE: Nebula Twitter: Instagram: Web

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