13-inch MacBook Pro (2020) Review

This is Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Pro. The higher-end version. There are actually two new 13-inch MacBook Pros and, while that might sound confusing, it’s really nothing new. We just tend to forget that Apple has had both lower and higher end models on the market for… basically ever. This year, those models include: ????‍♀️- A new, low-end two-port low-end that’s pretty much the old 13-inch but with the new Magic Keyboard and double the storage for the same price, and; ????‍♂️- A new, high-end four-port that has that Magic Keyboard, double the storage for the same price, but also newer and optionally much bigger specs. Now, quick reminder: This is a brand-new channel, so hit subscribe and ring the bell so we can hang out in the comments together when new videos goes live, then grab a beverage, maybe a snack, and strap in. This… is the 13-inch MacBook Pro Review. 2020 style. SPONSOR: Displate - metal posters | Make Your Home Awesome Go to https://displate.com/?art=5ea2d4c50b4cf to save 30% on a radical new Displate metal poster of your own! SUBSCRIBE: YouTube SPECIAL THANKS: Patreon Patreon supporters help make these videos possible. Get access to exclusive Discord, previews, and the opportunity to see your name in the credits! REFERENCES: 13” MacBook Pro 2020 - About That CPU… - YouTube MacBook Air (2020) Review: One Month Later - YouTube MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro — 13-inch FIGHT! - YouTube iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro — FIGHT! - YouTube MORE: Nebula Twitter: https://twitter.com/reneritchie Instagram: https://instagram.com/reneritchie Web

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