iPhone 12: The Breakdown

I’ve done a bunch of videos recently about the iPhone SE. Subscribe and you won’t miss any of them. But there’s another new iPhone coming this year on the exact opposite end of the spectrum. Kinda. I’m talking about the iPhone 12 — or whatever Apple decides to call the 2020 flagships. And there are just a metric ton of rumors going around about it already, from the obvious to the absurd. So, let’s break it all down. SPONSOR: CuriosityStream Get a free month of both CuriosityStream and Nebula (my streaming platform) by going to https://curiositystream.com/reneritchie and using the code "reneritchie" when you sign up! SUBSCRIBE: YouTube SPECIAL THANKS: Patreon Patreon supporters help make these videos possible. Get access to exclusive Discord, previews, and the opportunity to see your name in the credits! REFERENCES: Kuo: Apple to Launch Five iPhones in 2020, Including 5.4-Inch, Two 6.1-Inch, and 6.7-Inch Models With 5G - MacRumors Jon Prosser on Twitter: "Been seeing some reports speculating on iPhone 12 prices, so I asked my sources Jon Prosser on Twitter: "Here you go, internet. ???? https://t.co/REfSw28KSX" / Twitter MORE: Nebula Twitter: https://twitter.com/reneritchie Instagram: https://instagram.com/reneritchie Web

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