The Path Toward a COVID-19 Vaccine

Michael Dowling, CEO at Northwell Health, provides a coronavirus and vaccine update. He also discusses his new book “Leading Through a Pandemic.” Bloomberg Businessweek Editor Joel Weber and Businessweek Economics Editor Peter Coy talk about where we stand on the path to a COVID vaccine and what comes next. We get Businessweek Economics with Jeffrey Cleveland, Chief Economist at Payden a Rygel. He shares his insight on why the recession caused by the pandemic is drastically different from the one in 2008. We get the Businessweek Small Business Survival Guide with Bloomberg News Editor Dimitra Kessenides and Pat MacKrell, CEO of Pursuit. They explain why the coronavirus is leaving small businesses stuck in limbo as they await loans. And we Drive to the Close with Kevin Walkush, Portfolio Manager at Jensen Investment Management. Hosts: Carol Massar and Alix Steel. Producer: Doni Holloway.  

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