Trump to Release Ukraine Transcript, UK Court Rules Against Johnson, Pelosi to Announce Formal Impeachment Inquiry

Bloomberg News Chief Washington Correspondent Kevin Cirilli discusses President Donald Trump saying he’ll release the transcript of a July phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, seeking to defuse a ballooning controversy over allegations he sought foreign help to smear a political rival. Ed Evans, Bloomberg News Brexit Editor, breaks down the U.K. Supreme Court ruling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson's unlawful suspension of Parliament. Carol Schleif, CIO at Abbot Downing, talks about market resiliency despite worrisome news. Bloomberg Politics Reporter Ryan Teague Beckwith discusses House Speaker Pelosi to announce a formal impeachment inquiry of the President. And we Drive to the Close with Brian Yacktman, Portfolio Manager of the YCG Enhanced Fund.  Hosts: Carol Massar and Jason Kelly. Producer: Paul Brennan. 

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