Trump Threatens Tariffs to Enforce Border Security, Burning Man May Be Doomed by Its Own Popularity

Josh Green, Bloomberg Businessweek National Correspondent, and Sarah McGregor, Bloomberg News U.S. Economic Policy Team Leader, discuss President Trump proposing tariffs on Mexican imports in an effort to stop immigrants from entering the U.S. illegally. Craig Giammona, Bloomberg News Consumer Reporter, explains how the U.S-Mexico trade war is hurting beer maker Constellation Brands. Bloomberg Businessweek Editor Joel Weber and Freelance Writer Serena Saitto talk about the organizers of the Burning Man festival grappling with the possibility of radical changes that they say could ultimately force them to discontinue the 33-year-old event. Jeff Grabow, U.S. Venture Capital Leader at Ernst a Young, shares his outlook for IPOs. And we Drive to the Close with Aaron Kennon, CEO at Clear Harbor Asset Management.  Hosts: Carol Massar and Jason Kelly.  Producer: Paul Brennan 

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