GE Pledges `Reset’, Stabilization for Global Economy, Facebook Finding it Hard to Clean Up Content

Brooke Sutherland,Bloomberg Opinion Deals and Industrials Columnist, describes General Electric’s new boss Larry Culp pledging a rebound in cash flow next year after a “reset” in 2019. Andrea Auerbach, Global Head of Private Investments at Cambridge Associates, discusses investors looking for more return and driving capital into the private market. Kathleen Hays, Bloomberg News Global Economics and Policy Editor, and Tom Orlik,Chief Economist for Bloomberg Economics, break down why there are reasons to expect the current slowdown in the world economy will prove short-lived. Bloomberg Businessweek Editor Joel Weber and Bloomberg News Technology Reporter Sarah Frier talk about the Businessweek cover story about Facebook's never-ending content crisis. And we Drive to the Close of markets with Hank Smith, Co-Chief Investment Officer at Haverford Trust.  Hosts: Carol Massar and Jason Kelly. Producer: Paul Brennan 

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