Turkey’s Meltdown, Women `Making It’ Off Wall Street, Amazon Captures 5% of Retail Sales

Carol and her new co-host Jason Kelly speak to Peter Tchir, Head of Macro Strategy at Academy Securities and General Anthony Tata, Advisory Board Member at Academy Securities, about the Turkey currency crisis and possible contagion. Liz Capo McCormick, Bloomberg News Reporter, explains how women who want to manage money seem to be having better luck doing it someplace other than Wall Street. Shira Ovide, Bloomberg Opinion Technology Columnist, on her Bloomberg Businessweek story about Amazon capturing 5% of American retail spending. Elad Gil, Co-Founder a Chairman of Color Genomics, discusses his book "High Growth Handbook" on the world of startups. And we Drive to the Close with John Petrides, Managing Director at Point View Wealth Management. 

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