Marketo Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco

Carol broadcasts from the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco. She is joined by Sarah Kennedy, CMO at Marketo, to discuss acquiring Bizible, the top provider of marketing performance management software. Stephen Yeo, European Marketing Director at Panasonic, explains how the impact of data privacy is impacting marketing. Kristen Wendel, Director of Marketing at Plainvew, talks about using technology to create personalized experiences for buyers. Chris Hickey, CEO at Ringlead, talks about the business of scrubbing data. Matt Zilli, Chief Custom Officer at Marketo, and Lisa Peterson, SVP of Global Marketing a Digital Strategy at Gogo, explain the uses of AI in marketing. Steve Lucas, CEO at Marketo, furthers the conversation on artificial intelligence for marketing. Peter Bell, Senior Director Marketing Europe at Marketo, on talks about why GDPR is good news for marketers.

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