INSIGHTS #68: GRIT Stories | The Ups & Downs of Aprameya's Startup Life, from TaxiForSure to Koo

Aprameya is no stranger to the entrepreneurial journey. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Koo, a microblogging platform catering to the Indian vernacular. Koo was born as an offshoot of Vokal, a vernacular question and answer platform. Within one year, it amassed over a million users and became a force of its own. Before this, he was at the helm of TaxiForSure, leading it to a successful acquisition by Ola Cabs back in 2015. I was part of this journey, and Aprameya’s clarity and grit has been something I’ve been aware of throughout. This was among my favourite conversations, and not just because of having known Aprameya for so long. It helped me better understand the fast-shifting world of content, and the directions in which it is headed. Koo is about to make some noise, and we are excited for it. Listen and find out more. Check out other episodes from the Insights Podcast series at Share your feedback and suggestions at

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