India's Journey to Becoming an Enterprise Product Nation

This conversation is between Naganand Doraswamy, Managing Director a Founder of Ideaspring Capital and Sharad Sharma, an angel investor, a passionate evangelist of the software product ecosystem in India a co-founder of the iSPIRT Foundation. He has held a number of senior executive positions with leading technology companies. Most recently he was a senior vice-president at Yahoo! and CEO of their India RaD In this episode, they discuss why startups should think global from day one, the challenges of building products for global scale from India, the challenge of re-discovering product-market fit, utilising India as a test market a a place to get traction to reach critical mass, the possibility of solving the middleware problem from India, product b2b2c trends in India and a whole lot more. If you liked this episode, please subscribe to the show. You can also get in touch with us on Twitter: or visit our website at

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