Raising Money as an Enterprise Product Startup in India

The Ideaspring Capital podcast is a show where we discuss the latest trends in technology, startups and tech entrepreneurship in India. This episode is a conversation with Arihant Patni, Managing Director at Ideaspring Capital. Since selling Patni Computer Systems for over a billion dollars, he has been an active angel investor in close to a hundred startups over the last eight years. He is also the Managing Director at The Hive, India, a fund investing in Industrial IoT and Big Data. In addition, he is a Director at Nirvana Ventures, a fund focused on the consumer internet space. He has vast experience in driving business growth and helping startups navigate the ecosystem. In today's episode, we talk about when startups need to raise money, how to select the right investor, why most enterprise product startups fail, funding trends and a whole lot more.

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