3 Actionable Podcast Growth Tips

Khaled runs the show Curated Advice on Better Living, and wonders how to increase the number of listeners per episode.

At time of recording, he's almost hit the 30-episode mark, which is a great point to reflect on what you've achieved so far, as well as revisit your big picture planning.

We recommend that Khaled sets up a dedicated website for the podcast, which is a low-hanging fruit these days. You can do this quickly and at a low-cost by using Podpage.

We also recommend that he uses our free Podcast Planner tool to tweak the overall aims, targeting, and message of the show. 

Finally, we give three actionable growth tips for Khaled to try out. These are:

  1. Run a co-hosted or crossover episode with another podcast in your niche
  2. Create a roundup of podcasts that you love in your niche
  3. Reach out to 3-5 true fans of your show and create a focus group 

For a deeper dive, check out our full guide on podcast promotion.

On this episode, we also mention Pocket-Sized Podcasting and Alitu: The Podcast Maker

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