Mysteries and Theories of The Bermuda Triangle (a) The Alaska Triangle - CurioCast (Ep. 05)

WEB: | Promotion Partner: Blue Politics - |  Issac's Podcast: | Twitter: @SoulessPodcast | About this Episode: In this episode I along with my co-host Louis and Guest Issac are going to discuss about the most mysterious concept of The Bermuda Triangle. We also have stumbled upon another triangle called the Alaska Triangle. We will be speaking the general information available and how it came into existance into the public. | A bonus clip of a Radio Message from a 1980 plane which dissappeared into the Bermuda Triangle is also included at the end. (Original URL: | Feel free to ask any kind of queries and questions on our Instagram and Facebook pages (@CurioCast) or tweet us to @TheCurioCast. Follow us on our social pages to stay updated with exciting content. Cheers :) --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

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