Asteroid 1998 OR2 (a)What are - Asteroids, Comets and [Meteoroids, Meteors a Meteorites] - CurioCast (Ep. 03)

WEB: Social: instagram/CurioCast facebook/CurioCast twitter/TheCurioCast Welcome back, this is the third episode of CurioCast. Thanks for joining in again. In this episode I alone am going to discuss about what Asteroids, [Meteoroids, Meteors a Meteorites] and Comets are. I will also be talking about the recent Asteroid transit, Asteroid 1998 OR2 and why it was considered dangerous. I will be discussing the answer for the question "Why photons are massless" in the next episode. Please feel free to comment, question about anything related to this Episode through our Social Media pages, or you can even send a message here on Cheers :) --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

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