All Things Job Searching And Job Market With Zac Kallas

In this episode I interview Zac Kallas of SkyWater Search Partners to talk about all things recruiting and job searching. Zac and I dive into the current state of the job market, and challenges for both software engineers and recruiters. We discuss how recruiters can best serve software engineers in their job search and what value they bring to the table. Thanks for listening and don't forget to like and subscribe!

00:00 - Introduction
02:10 - Why would a software engineer want to work with a recruiter?
07:00 - Types of candidates that succeed
10:40 - How to attract good talent
15:30 - Current Job Market
17:50 - Trends
31:50 - Tips for Recruiters
33:55 - Salary Ranges
42:45 - Unlimited PTO
48:13 - How can recruiters be a better partner to software engineers (understanding your value)
58:50 - Outro

Zac Kallas

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