5 Ways We Mess Up Our Dreams

Catherine Crosslin, Alpha Eta - Whitman College, is Owner & CEO of Instar Performance, an internationally recognized personal and organizational development company. Ms. Crosslin has a global reputation as a dynamic, inspiring and influential presenter, consultant and coach. In this episode, Catherine shares the 5 ways we fail at achieving our dreams and how to stop that cycle to be successful in obtaining the life we want. https://www.instarperformance.com/ Instar Affirmation Writer (available in your app store) ccrosslin@instarperformance.com #Instar.Performance Delta Gamma Fraternity, Delta Gamma Foundation and Delta Gamma Office of Housing do not endorse, promote or foster political, sociological or ideological ideas or issues by members, chapters, associations with Delta Gamma or in the name of Delta Gamma Fraternity.

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