Digital Age Parenting: Crossing the Cultural Divide

Jennifer Powell-Lunder, PhD, Epsilon Gamma-Virginia, is a clinical psychologist specializing in work with teens, tweens and young adults. She is of the co-author of the book Teenage as a Second Language (Adams Media 2010). She is the creator of www.i an interactive and informational website for parents and tweens and co-creator of an interactive informational website for the parents of teenagers. In this episode, Dr. JPL discusses the cultural divide between us and our youth in the digital age. Learn how your kids use digital media, apps they use to communicate, implications of cyber bullying, the importance of digital connections and relationships to our youth, and privacy, trust, and expectations. Dr. JPL gives tips for technology access, limits, and monitoring, while also addressing the importance to access for our children. Delta Gamma Fraternity, Delta Gamma Foundation and Delta Gamma Office of Housing do not endorse, promote or foster political, sociological or ideological ideas or issues by members, chapters, associations with Delta Gamma or in the name of Delta Gamma Fraternity.

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