Episode 5 - Kaushalgee on how COVID has infected careers, life plans, and the general mood

Garima Kaushal and I were in the same team trying to bring people together for a better world, or simply to sell some good beer. Both in our first post-MBA career switches, we soon discovered that landing a coveted so-called dream-job doesn't really mean that one suddenly stumbles upon clarity and a reason for what we were doing with life, or even why.   Now with COVID-19 having infected our minds and lives, we talk about out daily WFH life, being part of an 'essentials' business, how the Aarogya Setu app is shady and probably gathering data to sell us gaumutra on Google later, and how society uncles, armed with their trusted source of news and information (WhatsApp) are out to change the world as we know it and how we never saw them coming.

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