Episode 4 - Entertainment, stand-up, content creation, the holocaust, having the courage to be disliked, stolen bicycles and Movies with Kashyap Swaroop

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, the human overlords of planet Earth are locked in a vicious battle with the virulent army of COVID. Forced to retreat to their shelters, the human 'race' has had to slow down, and reassemble their actions to find a 'new normal', the promised age when things will start feeling okay again.  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ This time I'm chillin with Kashyap Swaroop, the only one in his family of 3 who doesn't have a National Award, his Father, Mother and Sister all have at-least one. He's trying hard though by writing and being a joke, stand-up comedian, producer, digital marketer and rehabilitated cynic. We talk about a whole ton of things: how COVID could change the way we consume live entertainment, the stand-up industry, content creation, his father Kamal Swaroop's first movie Om Dar-Ba-Dar, the holocaust, having the courage to be disliked, stolen bicycles and the environment.   Link to the book The Courage to Be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga Also check out The Director's Cut: Kamal Swaroop Interview | Om-Dar-Ba-Dar See what you like: Recording conversations - 00:10 Comedians with cats - 05:33 Courage to be Disliked - 06:45 Reducing Carbon Footprint - 09:30 Empty Bombay Roads - 12:05 Learning how to ride a bike - 13:55 Europe and the Holocaust - 21:20 Future of entertainment - 33:00 Coding and Comedy - 44:30 Digital Content and Being Nimble - 56:37 Learning the Guitar - 1:02:05 Bois Locker Room - 1:08:25 Sexuality and Menstruation - 1:13:14 Om Dar-Ba-Dar - 1:16:45

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