Episode 3 - Start-ups, gaming, content and things which blow our mind, with Gaurav

Gaurav is that friend we not only deserve, but also need, especially if one was a last bench dork growing up. We've spent countless hours playing 1v1 cricket (yeap, that's what happens when you both sorta suck), playing random computer games (or more like he played and I watched) after bunking tuition classes in 10th standard (SWAG - Students With Average Grades). He's the one who I went to with all my problems, and to bitch about my other friends and humans in general because his family was (and still is) cool enough for me to randomly show up every second day.    Apart from being the quintessential childhood friend, I am happy to say that Gaurav was also able to survive through puberty and smash it as a self-taught coder and tech enthusiast, he is resident nerd and co-founder at Ekahal, a product, technology and marketing consulting firm with Manan Vora, the couple met at a WeWork, the world's speed dating venue for start-up founders. In this conversation we talk about our old and new passions (gaming, counter-strike), things which blow our mind (Samay Raina playing chess, each word of the book Sapiens) and also about how racism might be the reason for the war on Marijuana.

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