Episode 2 - Pursuit of Past-times with Yash Shah

We're under lock-down but the show must go on so I met Yash over video call to record this conversation. We talk about a ton of random things like trying to hone our passion for writing (and never really getting to it), stand-up comedy and podcasts, but one of our favorite things is roasting friends, which you'll get glimpses of time and again. Apart from being a full-time bully and social-circle clash-alyst (saying something controversial and enjoying the drama that unfolds), Yash also runs Brevity - an Ed-tech and Learning a Development content start-up. He's also a chess enthusiast, reads about a lot of random subjects, has attended more classes as a kid than I knew existed (ranging from playing the piano to learning magic), and also loves tearing apart rag-dolls with his big pooch, Buzz.

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