Episode 1 - Curious Conversations with Karan Jain

It's always fun to catch up and talk about random things with Karan, ever since we started our 1-on-1 'Poker For Dummies' conversations in the middle of lectures at our B-school, ISB. This first episode is an accidental start to what began as a conversation about my little project on recording interesting conversations with friends. I had been thinking about doing this and we decided to go for it and record on my phone, hence the okay video quality and bad audio quality (hehe, I'm investing in audio equipment and learning how to get better audio output). We talk about a whole range of light to super heavy mind-altering topics - Life, Poker, Immortality, Factfulness and his process of running a health staples start-up, though some facts may not be 100% correct, look at them more like anecdotes to try and explain the concept we're discussing. Here's to new beginnings!

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