Relax with hemp - herbs - stems - Interview with Mackenzie Whalen a founder

#relaxstems #stem #hemp On a mission to provide easy, affordable, and convenient access to cannabinoid wellness, E1011 Labs leverages innovative technology and thoughtfully crafted formulations. By entwining ancient holistic traditions with modern innovations, they are at the forefront of revolutionizing the future of hemp-based wellness. E1011 Labs' flagship products are the elon device, Stem Uplift, Stem Relax and ARI53 Delta-8. Mackenzie's Bio: Mackenzie Whalen is a founding member and marketing director at E1011 Labs, a company on a mission to provide safe, affordable, and convenient access to cannabinoid wellness. Her approach to marketing is founded on providing help, not hype. With a deep passion for the cannabis industry and an international background, it is her dream to normalize the usage of cannabinoids within every society, culture, and institution. Website:  

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