Episode 30 - PART ONE with Dr. Pascale Piron - "I'm a loving and stable parent! It's my ex who's unstable!" (Family law through the eyes of a mental health professional)

This is terrible!  First, I'm forced into a court battle for my child's future, now I have to be "evaluated" to see if I'm a good parent?  

OF COURSE I'm a good parent!  It's my ex who's causing all the problems and lying about me!  I hope the "professionals" will see that!

In highly-contested child-custody and parenting-time cases, a judge will sometimes appoint a mental health professional to gather information and carefully sift through the conflicting and competing narratives and write a report.  This is important stuff, since a professional's evaluation report can completely change the course of a divorce or custody case, and completely alter the life of the parents and their child.  

In this Episode 30, PART ONE, Recorded on 7/9/2021, Barry, Kevin and guest Dr. Pascale Piron, a Chicago-based Doctor of Clinical Psychology, pull back the curtain and bring you behind the scenes.  What goes through the mind of a mental health professional who must evaluate and report on:

  • parenting skills, attitudes and demeanor, ability to work with the other parent, and ability to keep children safe.  

BUT HOW can: 

  • interviews with the parents and their 'collaterals' (friends, family members, teachers, others), 
  • some psychological tests, 
  • a review of documents and pictures from the parents, and 
  • an occasional home visit, 

possibly provide enough background to judge a person's life as a parent, their parenting abilities, who is telling the truth and who is acting out of spite?  

HOW can the mental health professional possibly decide whether someone should have the majority of time or decision-making for the child?  No one can step into a parent's shoes and know the 'real' situation from such a snapshot, right?  


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Barry and Kevin try to bring hope and clarity to a troubled world, where lawyers, judges and other professionals see the best and worst of human behavior on public display.      

Our Guest:  Dr. Pascale Piron, a Chicago-based Doctor of Clinical Psychology             

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