Ep 6: What the fitness coaching industry is missing

In this solo episode, Ashleigh talks about some of the key elements largely missing from the strength and fitness coaching industry, especially regarding coaching women - the biggest challenge being the lack of women's focused research, study, and resources to better inform coaches programming and support. The industry as a whole needs more resources, formal scientific study, and compassionate listening in order to best understand, support, and guide our clients to their reaching their goals and finding their healthiest selves.

Ashleigh also briefly discusses her new coaching resource, the Strength Training for Women Specialist Certification offered through the Primal Health Coach Institute, designed for all coaches who work with female clients. For more information or to sign up, head here: https://nm356.isrefer.com/go/STW/themusclemaven/

Reach out to us with questions and comments at musclescience4women@gmail.com.

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