The Beginning - An Intro to the Zero Plus One Podcast

Welcome to the Zero Plus One Podcast!!! I am excited to bring you the knowledge and motivation to becoming a successful software engineer. This podcast will cover the tactical steps needed to land your dream job. I'll be covering everything needed to get you your first software engineering job or internship, such as interviewing tips and tricks, resume advice, studying for technical interviews, and negotiating offers. For those who have already landed their first software engineering job, I'll be covering how to grow and advance in your career, how to become a leader on your team and within an organization, and how to navigate the journey of a software engineer. You will hear from special guests from a variety of roles to give you better insight and a different perspective into what it's like to be a software engineer. A few examples include: having a hiring manager on to talk about what she or he looks for in an ideal candidate, having a recruiter on to talk about how they can serve you best as a software engineer searching for a new job, or having a software engineer on to talk about their experience as a software engineer.Social

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