486: The Key to Scaling that Most Real Estate Investors Miss Out On (+New Podcast!) w/ Liz Faircloth & Andresa Guidelli

It’s understandable why so many real estate investors don’t want to partner up. I mean, who wants to split half of a rent check with someone else? This can seem especially true when you’re just starting and every cent of profit counts. But, what if the path to financial freedom was through partnerships? What if you could grow your wealth, spend less time working, and scale far faster simply by leveraging your relationships.

With us are the hosts of the new InvestHER podcast, Liz Faircloth and Andresa Guidelli, two real estate veterans who partnered up to teach women about financial freedom, cash flow, and everything related to real estate. Liz and Andresa are both partners in real estate and partners in leading the InvestHER community, so they know a thing or two about what makes partnerships work and what doesn’t.

We talk about questions to ask potential partners, how to test out a partnership by doing a project together, formalizing a partnership with binding contracts, how to stop resentment in partnerships, and how to end partnerships that go bad.

If you’re looking to scale your real estate portfolio to new heights, you’ll definitely be using partnerships to do so. Tune in to make sure you and your partner stay protected!

In This Episode We Cover:

Why it’s so hard to scale in real estate without partnerships 

The top questions to ask a potential partner 

Testing out your partnership by doing a small deal together

Making deposits into the “emotional bank account” of a partnership

Finalizing your partnership agreement with an attorney

Keeping information flowing on both sides

Preventing (and ending) bad partnerships

The new InvestHER podcast!

And SO much more!

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