BPP 258: How to Gain Confidence When Starting Out in Photography

When just getting started in photography we can quickly find ourselves in situations where we feel over our heads and which can leave us feeling defeated and break down our confidence. Whether your shooting your first paid shoot or simply wish to be more proficient, in this interview I break down 3 elements to building more confidence while youre behind the camera.

In This Episode You'll Learn:

#1 Prep

A wise man once said that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. That couldn’t be more true than in photography. If you want to start taking photos with intention you need to know your gear and how it works inside and out. So the prep stage is knowing your gear, how it works, and how it reacts in different lighting sanarios. Take a listen to episode 243 where I break down step by step how to get to know your camera.


#2 Plan

If you want to be successful as a photographer you will need to shoot more than just reactionary photos but shoot with intention. Sometimes that means planning out your photos. Before a shoot really break down each element. What lens will you use, what lights will you use, how will your subject pose. Hammer those details out so when you get ready to shoot you won’t have to think on the fly, they are already planned out.


#3 Practice

You can read every tutorial and watch every video on youtube but if you don’t actually put in time behind the camera you won’t be retaining much. That’s why practice is so important. To be most efficient when practicing, have a clear goal and work on just one aspect of photography. When just getting started I recommend composition. Composition how you compose the frame of your image with the goal of leading your viewer’s eyes to the subject of the photo. Composition is something you can practice anywhere and even with just the camera on your phone which is why its such a great place to start.



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