Espionage activity targeting Asian governments, Webworm develops customized tools, and latest Noberus TTPs

On this week’s Cyber Security Brief podcast, Brigid O Gorman and Dick O’Brien are joined by Symantec threat researcher Alan Neville to discuss some of the recent blogs that the Symantec Threat Hunter team has published. We discuss a new wave of espionage activity targeting Asian governments by attackers who were formerly associated with the ShadowPad malware but who appear to have now adopted a new toolset to mount an ongoing campaign against a range of government and state-owned organizations in a number of Asian countries. We also examine the current activities of a group we call Webworm, which has developed customized versions of three older remote access Trojans (RATs), including Trochilus, Gh0st RAT, and 9002 RAT. We also discuss a blog we have published about the Noberus (aka BlackCat ) ransomware, and the recent tactics, tools, and procedures we have seen deployed alongside that ransomware recently.

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