83. Maria Sosa of Holistically Grace: Intuitive Eating, Unlearning Your Past, Setting Boundaries a Independence in Relationships

Today on the show the ladies get to chat with Maria Sosa from Holistically Grace. Maria is an intuitive eating counselor and a marriage and family therapist. She also has the most INSIGHTFUL Instagram that will definitely speak to every part of you. The ladies talk a lot about what it means to eat intuitively and how to have balance when it comes to eating. She talks a lot about mindset and how there isn't "good" or "bad" people when it comes to the things you are eating. They also talk about having boundaries in relationships, understanding emotional differences in friendships, and how to gain more independence in romantic relationships. You don't want to miss this episode!  If you want to learn more about Maria head HERE You can also listen to her awesome podcast HERE! To learn more about Olivia head HERE To learn more about Lisa head HERE Follow us on INSTAGRAM! Join our FACEBOOK GROUP! We will shake it up with you next Tuesday.

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