Playtesting: Co-Creation

How can gaming and virtual world-building help us design better cultural architecture and infrastructures? What does the metaverse show us about community building and the co-creation of experience? And what do ‘antecedent’ technologies have to show us about creating ethical frameworks? Taking an intergenerational view, we join Native American artist and technologist Amelia Winger-Bearskin and Andie Nordgren, of popular MMORPG Eve Online and Director of Live Platforms for Unity to find ways through the hidden architectures and decentralised ethics of the metaverse and its precedents.

Playtesting is presented by Tamar Clarke-Brown, Serpentine Arts Technologies and produced in collaboration with Sasha Eyde-Lindner from Reduced Listening.

Additional sound design by Alx Suutoo Dabo.

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