Punk Party Radio Show 62 In English featuring Stephane Mellino from Lés Negresses Vertes

English version SPECIAL GUEST Stephane Mellino from  LES NEGRESSES VERTES Interview with Les Négresses Vertes (background music) Les Négresses Vertes - Les yeux de ton père (I’ll kill you - edit ) [Clive Martin & Andy Wright Remix] Les Négresses Vertes - Face à la mer (Massive Attack Remix) Les Négresses Vertes - Zobi La Mouche (William Orbit Mix) Jade Moede - Pride The Owen Guns - Fuck Cyclists Paul Cargnello - Jealousy Organoclorados- Ate o Sol Last of Misfit Heroes - Dead behind the eyes Californicks - Perder ou ganhar ( background ) Ainsophaur - Tout sauf l’accalmie ( background ) Santohs - Ya No quiero más (background ) Mortom - Burning your bridges Wolfpack - The Shield Glittertrash - Whirlwind (background) Insanidade - On fire Yalla Yallas - The Morning Sun Under The Influence - Crows Santohs - Ya No quiero más

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