Gemma Arrowsmith's Sketched Out

Gemma Arrowsmith has a new sketch show on Radio 4, but will she be able to host it herself? In the first episode, Paterson Joseph who has been drafted in to host by execs Theo and Cleo, who hope he will boost ratings. Gemma has to work out how to wrestle back control of her show, full of sketches about the Pemberley Cinematic Universe, a Musical Theatre news bulletin, and we find out who banksy really is. Performed by: Gemma Arrowsmith, Kudzanayi Chiwawa, Dan Starkey & Thomas Nelstrop Guest host: Paterson Joseph Written by: Gemma Arrowsmith Script Edited by: Tasha Dhanraj Sound design: Neil Goody at Premises Studios Production Coordinator: Sarah Nicholls The Producer was Gwyn Rhys Davies, a BBC Studios Production.

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