Zak Stein - A Metaphysics of Love for a Time Between Worlds

On this episode of Emerge I’m speaking with Zak Stein. Zak is a writer, educator, and futurist working to bring a greater sense of sanity and justice to education (and beyond). Zak joins me on the show to speak about his recent paper in the Integral Review titled Love in a Time Between Worlds: On the Metamodern “Return” to a Metaphysics of Eros. In addition to the paper, we talk about the antropocene and it’s relationship to the metamodern historical moment, why metaphysical questions are impossible to escape, and why those who bring coherence to these inquires will be stepping into the future in a profound way. If you’re enjoying the show there are at least three ways to show your support. You can: * Leave a review on iTunes or any other podcast surface. * Share episodes you enjoy on your social media, or with friends who you think might benefit from the conversation * Or by becoming a patron of the show by clicking on the link in the show description, or by going to and clicking on the very obvious button. Thanks everyone! Enjoy the show… Love in a Time Between Worlds (article) Zak’s Website --- Support this podcast:

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