Episode 10 - Lead me Beyond

Lead me beyond... Lead me beyond my perceived limitations. Even God cannot give you beyond your beliefs. Rain can only fill the size of the vessel. Life can reward you only to the extent of your beliefs. Unless your beliefs expand, your life cannot expand. There are no limits except those you acknowledge. Expand your beliefs. Break your comfort zones. Dare to dream beyond what you thought was possible. Life itself isn't secure. Then, where is the question of security within life? In searching for security, don't get transfixed to your comfort zones. Your comfort zones become your prison, a prison within which your potential stays locked up. There is no inferiority about the man that Existence made. The only inferiority is what you have put yourself into by staying transfixed to your comfort levels. Look Beyond… Seek Beyond… Desire Beyond… Go Beyond… The horizons are awaiting you… So the tenth line in the infiniprayer, “Lead me beyond…” It is astonishing as to how the world makes way for a resolute soul and how obstacles get out of the path of a determined man who believes in himself. Transcendence is like taking the lantern in the hand knowing that you will always have light enough for your next step, no matter how dark, for the light will move along with you. One step is enough and then another step and then another... Go beyond yourself and discover the bounties of abundance life holds. So the tenth line in the infiniprayer, “Lead me beyond…” The next rung of the ladder is always an unknown factor. Throw yourself into the unknown. Do what you have never done before. Do what you never thought you can. Make a rebellious move. Take a daring plunge. Make the transcendental leap. Transcendence is sacred, for it is in transcendence that life reveals the higher glories of man. The journey may not be easy, but the destination will be worth it. You can go through anything in life, if you can become, what you can become. So the tenth line in the infiniprayer, “Lead me beyond…” Pray, “Lead me beyond (my comfort zones)…” Till a Roger Bannister happened, a four-minute-mile was still an unknown possibility. Till an Edmund Hillary happened, standing on the top of Mount Everest was still an unknown possibility. Till a Steve Jobs happened, from a garage to a world leader in technology was still an unknown possibility. His entrepreneurship and enterprise have changed man's way of life and the world has not been the same again - Bill Gates. History is full of many such one-man armies, where one human being, in one lifetime, by the way they lived their life they changed something about the world forever. History suggests that one man is enough to be a turning point in this world. At every point in history, a man has emerged to show the rest of us that one life at that point in history will have a greater impact on the world than the billions who survive during that period. So the infinitheists pray, Lead me beyond… to their Source. Watch video at  https://youtu.be/alp0c4EA0zs www.infinitheism.com

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