Episode 2 - Feeling Thy Grace

Feeling Thy grace… Feeling the protective womb of existence shielding and taking care of me at every moment. Life is governed by an Existential Order. Empirical realities and governing laws constitute the Existential Order. Some examples of empirical realities: -          There is no rewind option in life. This moment that has just passed by is over and done with; even if you are an enlightened soul, you cannot rewind it. -          As you sow, so you reap. The seed of an apple shall not reap a pineapple. Man, but in stories, cannot deliver a gorilla. -          Water will boil at 100oC, whoever you are and wherever you are. -          If you are not aligned to gravity, you will fall, even if you have been the saviour of humanity. -           The eyes can see but cannot hear; the ears can hear but cannot feel; the skin can feel but cannot smell; the nose can smell but cannot taste; the tongue can taste but cannot see. Some examples of governing laws: -          Life is governed by cause and effect. -           Anything that begins will end, sooner or later. Even messengers and messiahs of God shall not be exempted from it. -           Whatever you are desperate for, may not be denied, but will be delayed. -          Gratitude and disturbance cannot coexist. -          Acceptance results in positive emotions and resistance causes negative emotions. People often ask: “If God is the architect of this Existential Order, then, can He change it as a response to our prayers?” He cannot because He is Himself embedded into the design. Truth isn't truth, if it can be altered, even if it is God. And, Existential Order is the ultimate Truth. The power of prayer, the power of faith, the power of surrender and devotion can change anything within the design but not the design itself. That is why God is God. In His kingdom, there are no divine preferences or divine irregularities - there is no divine injustice. God does not work for you but He works with you. And, His design is such, the only way He can work with you is when you live aligned to the Existential Order. The more and more you are aligned to the Existential Order, the greater and greater you experience His Grace. Grace is a simple spiritual reward for aligning yourself to the Existential Order. Suffering is a simple spiritual feedback that you have somewhere lost your alignment to the Existential Order. Even if you are a Maths teacher's son, if two plus two is written as three, you are still wrong. Even if you know nothing about the examiner, if two plus two is written as four, you are certainly right. Even those who do not know who God is, and those who do not believe in the existence of God will still be crowned by His grace as long as they live in alignment to the Existential Order. God is not just a matter of belief, but is a matter of alignment. Greater the alignment, greater is the experience of His grace. In spite of your unflinching faith in a Cosmic Presence, you aren't a Messiah to have a comprehensive understanding of the Existential Order and to be completely aligned to it. Yet, so much is going right for you in life. Yet, your life seems such a blessing. Yet, more than 90% of your life is as you wanted it to be. If so much about your life is right, isn't it obvious that there is a Hand above you that is carrying you through! Isn't it evident that His grace is prevailing over you in every moment of your existence! Isn't it obvious that His grace is protecting you like a spiritual fence with every breath and in every heartbeat! It is His grace my dear, that your life is flowing… truly flowing. So an infinitheist expresses his gratitude, Feeling Thy grace. Watch video at https://youtu.be/TRr9ulf5wrQ

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