Is This The Worst Bear Market Ever?

In this interview with Ken Roberts, host of Ken’s Bulls and Bears Report, a weekly radio show in Reno, NV, Paul addresses questions and more:

1. Should investors believe the “experts” predictions of catastrophic future returns for the stock market?

2. What are the most important investment decisions that people have to make?

3. What are the biggest financial mistakes that retirees make?

4. What are the new tools your Foundation has developed to help people invest in equity funds?

5. What is the one asset class that every stock investor should own?

6. Is it really possible to invest successfully with just two funds?

7. Are there really 150 model portfolios that are performing well?

8. What are those 7 factors investors should be focused on in building their retirement portfolios?

9. How can the combo of S&P 500 and Small Cap Value be less risky than the S&P 500 itself?

10. What are your thoughts about the bear market we are in, and is this one of the worst bear markets ever?

11. Should people include cryptocurrencies in their portfolio?

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