Episode 192: "The Closing of the American Mind": Allan Bloom on Education (Part Two)

Continuing on Allan Bloom's 1987 book critiquing the current fragmented structure of the university that promotes technical and professional education over the ability to think philosophically. Does Bloom's vision require aristocracy, or can a Great Books education be available for all? Listen to part 1 first, or get the unbroken, ad-free Citizen Edition. Your Citizenship will also get you access to an exclusive follow-up discussion. Please support PEL! End song: "Greatness (The Aspiration Song)" by Colin Moulding's TCaI, explored on Nakedly Examined Music #74. Sponsors: Visit thegreatcoursesplus.com/PEL, the Outside the Box podcast, St. John's College at partiallyexaminedlife.com/sjc, and lightstream.com/PEL for a loan.

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